Sav in Stiglmeier

Oh, how fall came through.

This was actually one of the very few fall shoots I was able to do this year. Buffalo is a little weird when it comes to fall. It has summer until about late September, maybe early October, and the weather turns colder but the leaves stay a bit green. At least that’s what I noticed. This was shot on the 26th of October, so we were in perhaps the second week of fall. And Sav dressed for the occasion.


Plaid, jeans, and a knit hat. It can’t get much more fall than that (maybe chuck a scarf on…next time). I’d been to Stiglmeier on a sort of failed shoot before (it was super early in the morning and super cold…not a good combo) but I wanted to try it again. Living in an urban environment doesn’t yield many opportunities to see sprawling fall colors, so whenever I have the opportunity to get out of the city, I take it.


I’ve always wanted to get one particular shot. I see it done a lot in travel photos. It’s essentially a landscape photo but with a person very, very far off in the distance, and it gives a scale to how tall or high a certain feature is. I had this idea with Sav, and after a couple failed attempts, we found the final product.

The colors brought out in this photo show the display nature puts on during autumn and it’s truly spectacular to see. We pushed a bit further into the woods, trying to find more unique places to shoot. At one point, Sav thought she smelled maple syrup – sure enough, we had passed by a maple tree that was dripping with sap. She’s Canadian, so just Canadian things, I suppose!

This pretty much wrapped us for the day. We spent a long time trekking through the forest, exploring new areas and had some decent conversation as well. That’s what it all traces back to – the conversations I have on shoots. At least I was somewhat relaxed during this part of the semester, but it was just getting going for the two of us. It’s nice to have an escape where we can each do something we’re passionate about.

Hopefully we’ll have more time to escape next semester. I know I’ll need it.

And besides, we always have fun.

Parting shot:

Memories long.

Next blog: Wednesday we’ll have a familiar face with deep red lipstick.

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