Em In The Park

Never bring Emily to a park.

Actually, always bring Emily to a park. This was actually such a cool shoot. The late September air was still warm even though leaves had started to fall and trees were showing preliminary signs of turning color. Now, the park by the waterfront wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it worked my creativity.

Admittedly, I was having fun messing around on the playground, but Emily clearly was more into it than I was. I think that was good for me, in the long run. Learning to have fun wherever you are is important, especially as I step into my last few months of being a college student. Those opportunities will come fewer and fewer as I move forward, so what the heck, let’s be kids again.

I finally was able to drag her away from the playground enough but literally about ten seconds later she was off chasing seagulls (I have it on video). It was pretty funny to say the least.

We came across a pretty poopy field (literally – poop everywhere), from geese, I assume, and we took issue with a particular bird we saw. I can’t remember the exact conversation, but I thought the bird was one thing and Emily thought it was a vulture. We never got a good enough look at it, but Emily was convinced that it was a vulture. I think we made a bet about it…I definitely lost it but oh well.

We were near to wrap up but I spotted some bleachers and begged Em to stay out just a little bit longer. That was definitely a good decision – over the months of studying photography and watching videos, I’ve learned that anything can be used as a prop if you’re creative enough. Lots of people may shoot at these bleachers, but everyone will shoot it differently than the person before. There’s something beautiful about that sentiment.

We wrapped up here – Em was enthusiastically talking about beers but we didn’t have time to grab one. We still haven’t yet gotten one, so, I pass the question on to you, Em.

Can we get a beer now?

Parting shot:

Cheeky lil’ smile.

Next blog: Hittin’ another park. Prepare for plaid.

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