Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Yellowstone isn’t like anything I’ve ever seen before.

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is certainly majestic. I was lost for words when we hit this on my family’s first day of this two-week long trip. It’s just…breathtaking…

I’ve seen the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, Arches National Park in Utah, and Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, but there’s nothing similar to here and there. It’s just beautiful, is what it is. See for yourself!

Yellowstone is beautiful, and as I spread out my Yellowstone posts throughout the coming weeks, I think you’ll see why. There are such oddities in nature that make people wonder how a certain phenomenon is natural. The scale of such features is overwhelming to some!

We ended the day by doing this ridge hike that led to a view called Sublime Point. It was pretty close and we were shocked that we hadn’t reached the end by now because we assumed it would lead to a spectacular view. After talking it over with a family who was trying to find the same destination, we rounded a corner (literally) and there it was. I wish I could say it was spectacular, but compared to what we had seen earlier in the day, we nicknamed it ‘Subpar Point’. Oops.

We’re just slow (not actually, we were actually going quite fast) but we made it back to our big, huge SUV and our mother continued to tell us how much she loves driving this behemoth. More about this in the future.

I think there’s a SUV in my future.

Parting shot:


Next blog: Maybe we’ll head to Buffalo…back to LA? It’s a surprise.

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