Spontaneous Subway

Back to creating.

It really couldn’t be any better. These past few months have been spent working on my documentary I shot while in Argentina during 2017. I finally premiered that movie at my college on the 21st of March and got to celebrate that night. I’m excited to work on my own projects again, get out to shoot more and create more amazing content.

This shoot began three days before the premiere of the film. Initially, I asked my friend Tom to grab a professional looking photo of me so we went down to the subway system and snagged some shots. We decided we would return the next day and get a better shot but wanted someone to help us with lighting. Cue Juliet!

I knew immediately after we got her that I would not be the subject for long. I had been working so long and wanted to create again, so after we got some shots of me (and some of Tom), we flipped the tables and had a short little portrait shoot.

We moved down the track about 30 feet to position ourselves under a light. We brought a reflective panel to bounce the light onto Juliet’s face. Unfortunately, these darn trains kept coming through so we had to move out of the way. It was rather annoying that they kept interrupting out shoot, but I guess you can’t have a perfect shoot, can you??

Release your creative bug.


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