Skiing at Alta Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah | A Photo Journal

What a beautiful day it was out here! I don’t come to ski Alta much at all, but with a record 877″ of snow on the season (so far…), it sure is beautiful over here. I skied here before taking a fun ski trip with my friend up to Wyoming (more on that later!) and it was a beautiful day. The snow was still fresh, the sky was blue, and it was a midweek ski day. It doesn’t get much better than this! Before I go any further, I’ve gotta apologize to one of my consistent readers, Diana – the King’s Peak blog is going on hold for another week or two. I’ve gotta pack that one with a ton of information! It’ll be worth the wait, for sure.

But now, let’s dive into some snowy photos before the season ends for good!

The beautiful Sugarloaf Mountain looms over Alta.
Zoom in to check out all the ski tracks – it’s amazing how fast it goes!
Mount Superior and Monte Cristo sit in the background. The views at Alta are all-time!
Untouched snow underneath Sugarloaf. Near the summit, ripping winds are transporting snow!

Ahh, Alta. Let me be clear here for a second: Alta is definitely not my favorite mountain to ski. I prefer other ski areas, but one thing Alta has that I absolutely love is incredible vistas. There might not be better views at another ski resort in Utah than at Alta. The incredible backdrop of Little Cottonwood Canyon provides this beauty with ease. After a solid snowstorm, everything is bathed in white, fluffy powder, and it makes the photos and the skiing really silky. It’s a dream come true for a ski photographer like me!

The beauty of Alta and Little Cottonwood is on full display.
A perfect canvas for a photographer and a skier.
It’s a pretty ski area. I’ll give ya that!
Yeahhh, skiing with this type of vis on a soft snow day…it’s an all-time day.

These types of days are the days when I get to shoot my calendar photos for next year. I love making my calendar! It’s one of the special things I feel I get to do as a photographer – make a calendar with my photos, and have it be of professional quality. I haven’t made them available to the public for the last two years, but perhaps this upcoming year, I will! I chose not to make any money off of it, as I wanted people to just enjoy the calendar. And that’s what I want most: for people to enjoy my photos!

We’re headed over to Sugarloaf!
Now, we’re on the Sugarloaf chairlift. Ready for some incredible views at the top?
A skier chooses her line down the chairlift. YEWWW!
A lot of Sugarloaf pictures, I know, I know. But look! It’s a different angle this time!

I headed over to the Sugarloaf chair and begin my ride up. I had my camera out, so I was taking pictures on the chair. Those are some of the best times to shoot photos! I can often get skiers in action, and sometimes, do some cool tricks. It’s fun to hear all the hoots and hollers from people on the chairlift as well. It gives you an added adrenalin rush, not that you’d ever need it on a day like this!

Once I got to the top, I got to see one of my favorite views and a view I had never seen before…

Mount Timpanogos in all its majestic glory. It’s such a cool-looking mountain!
Looking over at Mineral Basin, part of Snowbird Resort.
Avalanche mitigation was ongoing over at Mineral Basin. A ski patroller can be seen near the center.

Yeah, I’ve seen this view before. But look a little bit closer.

That’s Mineral Basin, a much sought-after part of Snowbird Resort. What I had never seen before isn’t the avalanches, but the fact that aside from the avalanches, the basin remained untouched. It had yet to be skied that day. How cool is that!? Usually, the place is overrun with ski tracks, and it was about an hour later. I actually got to witness the rope drop in person from a distance at Alta Resort and my goodness. Most of the terrain looked like it was chewed up just from that first rope drop! It was absolute chaos and madness! I don’t know if I could ever take part in a rope drop like that. Just give me some already-tracked powder without the crowds, and I’ll be fine!

Looking towards Big Cottonwood Canyon and Brighton Resort.
Looking down the run and across the valley. It’s too beautiful!
Looking up towards the Alta chutes. Main Chute was looking pretty darn good!

Well, it’s about time to wrap things up here. I have a few more photos to share, and then our little photo tour will come to an end! Thanks for joining me on this journey! I’ll definitely be writing more blogs like this; they’re a fun way for me to write about photos that might not see the light of day or a good way for me to include a different style of blog on my site. Plus, I really like writing them and I hope you enjoy reading them!

Now, for a few more photos…

The view of the valley. Way too pretty!
Another shot of Sugarloaf. I just can’t stop looking at it!

We’re getting ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime. We’re getting ready for King’s Peak. This blog is likely still a week or two out, as it’s going to take a lot of time to write it the way I want it to go! I also took a decent amount of photos on this trip, and I want to make sure they all share the spotlight! From there I’ll wrap up winter and maybe get into some hikes I did by myself in September down in southern Utah. There’s some beauty down there in the desert!

For now, enjoy the parting shot, and I’ll see you on the next journey!

Parting shot:

Devil’s Castle peeking on the left, Sugarloaf in the middle, and Bald Mountain poking out from the right.

Next blog. Another filler blog. I know, it’s like those TV shows that have those random filler episodes in the middle of the season until you get to the good stuff. Well, hang tight…the good stuff is coming!


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  1. Well this is so gorgeous that I can’t even be disappointed that you posted this one first. I have to assume you’d be hard pressed to find a ski area anywhere in the US with better views than this!

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