Paddle Boarding at Tibble Fork Reservoir, Utah

Tibble Fork is a small reservoir located up American Fork Canyon, about 1 hour southeast of Salt Lake City, 25-minutes from American Fork, and 40 minutes from Provo. It’s smaller than Rockport State Park or the Great Salt Lake, but it’s a nice place to go if you can get here in the middle of the week. You’ll get a quieter crowds, and spot the semi-frequent photoshoot happening in the distance. On this day, there were smaller crowds, even though it was a weekend!

American Fork Reservoir! Swimmers, paddlers, and anglers flock here.
A couple of people on iSUPs!

Need to Know

This reservoir sits on National Forest land and requires an entry fee. There is a fee station at the bottom of the canyon where you can pay your day fee. Alternatively, a National Parks Annual Pass works here! Leave your NPS pass on your dashboard with the month and year showing.

There’s a large parking area, so parking should never be an issue. It’s a popular place for families with small children, as the lake is accessible an small. Supervision is easier here! There are a variety of off-roading trails, so trucks with trailers full of four-wheelers and ATVs may take up parking as well. You’ll have the best luck trying to find parking in the earlier morning hours or waning hours of the evening.

Fishing is allowed in the reservoir, whether on your watercraft or on the banks of the river. Be mindful of the watercraft in the water, and make sure you have your fishing permit! Permits can easily be obtained online ahead of time.

The shoreline, the dam, and the beautiful mountains peaking out.
Dogs are allowed here, but must be on leash!
People like to anchor on the other side and set up hammocks! There are also a few jumping rocks.

Have Fun!

Take a few hours to explore the reservoir fully! Many people will paddle to the other side and set up hammocks in the trees. A few jumping rocks dot the other side as well – that’s popular among the teenagers! There’s also a small but tricky trail that navigates the whole lake. It get’s super narrow at some points, and quite literally hugs the reservoir. It’s a good way to work up a sweat!

The light on the mountains here will always be beautiful – stay a little later in the day to catch the last light. It’s beautiful!

If you’re looking for another place to paddle board or kayak for the day, head to Rockport State Park. It’s beautiful, big, and has so many places to launch your craft! Just remember your life jacket.

See you on the next one!

Parting shot:

In June and sometimes July,, the peaks are still covered in snow!

Next blog: Yellowstone and the Uintas are on the menu.

7 thoughts on “Paddle Boarding at Tibble Fork Reservoir, Utah

  1. Never heard of Tibble Fork, but looks like a gorgeous like place to enjoy water activities. I’ve never paddle boarded before, but there’s always a time and place for that to learn! Looking forward to your post on Yellowstone in due course!

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