Hiking Taggart and Bradley Lake in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The Beta

The Taggart and Bradley Loop is a 6.0 mile hike with 761 feet of elevation gain and is rated as moderate. During the trail, you’re greeted with sweeping views of both Taggart Lake and Bradley Lake, along with a fantastic hike through the woods. This hike is great for families with small children, with a few steep parts here and there. Wildflowers, panoramic views, and plenty of wildlife are all included in this trail!

On the trail to Taggart Lake in Grand Teton National Park.
A mountain rises above the rest in the Teton range.

Need to Know

You can hike both of these lakes independently if you would like – they can be combined if you are pressed for time! However, the trails for these lakes are pretty similar, so combining them is a great way to see both lakes on the same trip.

There can still be a very thick snow through June, and sometimes into July. I did this trail in late May, and was walking on a 12 foot snowpack at certain parts of the trail! This can make it very precarious; plan accordingly! This trail is pretty sparsely packed, which is great for the solitude.

Before we got to the heavy snowpack…this trail can be deceiving at first, and may not have any signs of snow for the first mile.
Arriving at an overlook for Bradley Lake. How gorgeous is this view!?

Justin’s Suggestion

Hike this during the early summer, if possible. Check the weather if attempting during May or June for snowpack information, as it still may be very high. If summer doesn’t work for you, fall is a great option too. Crowds are much thinner, and the cooler temperatures may make this hike more enjoyable. Always hike with layers, as weather can change in the mountains pretty quickly!

If you’re looking to make a good half day out of this hike, have lunch at Taggart Lake and take in the views for a little longer!

The trail to the lakes is just so gorgeous!
Taggart Lake is a gorgeous place to have lunch. Stop here for a little bit!

Take A Hike!

Have fun on this trail! It’s a great stop along the way in Grand Teton, and one of the best ways to see the Tetons from a distance. If you’ve got more time during the day or your stay in Jackson, Wyoming, check out Jenny Lake and hike this beautiful trail! Of, head over to the iconic Mormon Row barn for a photo-op. And, if you missed it, make sure you hit Jenny Lake while you’re exploring the Tetons!

Have a great hike!

Parting shot:

Lakeside by Taggart. The wind was present, but barely noticeable.

Next blog: Heading back to Utah, but staying high in the mountains. A place with even higher starting elevation than Grand Teton!

3 thoughts on “Hiking Taggart and Bradley Lake in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

  1. This looks like a good one! I visited Grand Tetons with my family a number of years ago, but we didn’t do many of the hikes. This one looks like a fun one! Do you recall seeing anyone fishing there?


    1. It’s a really fun one to see some lakes on the edge of the Teton range! I think I do remember a couple people fishing, now that you mention it. Might be worth checking it out! Many more people were fishing on various parts of the Snake River and Jackson Lake.


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