2021 | Goals

It’s finally the new year and it’s time to get going.

I actually met most of my goals from last year, despite 2020 being a year beyond belief. I got outside more, got to seven National Parks, and a couple state parks here and there, and took lots and lots of photos. This year, I imagine those goals will remain, as I have even more of a yearning to get outside and explore the beauty of the world. Once you get that first taste….it’s hard to go back! I’ll likely get to the same National Parks and hopefully a couple new ones. Maybe even two new ones!

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. This is definitely on the list of places to revisit!

I opened up a lot of new areas that I want to keep going on with, including food blogging and food photography, as well as hiking consistently and taking pictures consistently. I look back on 2020 and realized that I didn’t match up at all to the amount of portraits I took, compared to numbers in 2020. It was quite shocking, actually! I’ve always been more of a portrait photographer; not so much anymore. But, that’s a thing I want to get more in depth with!

For 2021, here are the goals I want to reach:

  1. National Parks – I want to get to them again this year! I would love to revisit Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches all again. I would love to add Great Basin National Park and somewhere in Colorado – maybe Mesa Verde or Rocky Mountain? And, if possible, Grand Canyon could be excellent
  2. Elevate my landscape photography even more. I got a wide angle lens this year and that certainly helped! I also discovered HDR photography, and it’s wildly entertaining to me. I love it!
  3. Do a hike a week. Yup. As easy as that.
  4. Shoot at least once a week. Perhaps on the hike! I want to make getting outside, or getting in the studio a little bit more consistent this year so I’m being productive with my time.
  5. Blog at least once a week. More likely, it’ll be more frequent than that, but I want a consistent blog schedule. No big setbacks this year, you hear me 2021!? 52 blogs by the end of the year. Easy peasy beautiful breezy…
  6. Grow my Pinterest. Yes, I made a Pinterest! See it right here!
  7. Portraits. I want to get back into these. I did some couple shoots, a baby studio shoot, and some others, but not many at all. I definitely miss it. So, let’s do more this year.
  8. Gym and eating healthy. I’ve been on a weird track back since fracturing my knee in late 2019. Then, the gyms shut down due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus, and that threw me off. So, hopefully this all gets put to rest this year. We shall see! That’s a major goal, for sure.
Lake Mary, Utah. This hike (and a through hike to Lake Catherine) are definitely on the list!

That’s it for now – perhaps I will add more in the future, but I want this blog to be short and to the point. Hopefully I can grow even more as a photographer and creator this year! It will be fun to see what happens and how it all plays out. I’m excited.

Until the next one,

~ Justin

Parting shot:

More shots like this. Also, proof of a hike in winter? I think so.

Next blog: Bryce Canyon.

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