Sometimes, You Just Need to Getaway

It’s nice getting away every once in a while. Even if it’s only for a few hours. Like, 5 to be exact!

A happy girl.

Fall in Utah has come and gone already, and as I look back on the photos I took this fall, it seemed pretty complete. I didn’t share most of the adventures I went on, aside from camping trips, but I took lots of photos this fall. Far more than last year, although last year this time I had my leg in a brace! I would say this year was a smashing success for fall photos.

Happy, happy couple!

It’s definitely not like New England fall, and maybe that’s snobby of me to say. I was definitely spoiled with falls in Massachusetts, and I took them for granted for sure. I just figured everywhere that wasn’t California, Arizona and Florida had a nice, long, fall season! That certainly isn’t the case.

And it was all…yellow…

The fall in Utah doesn’t last long, although this year did last far longer than last year. I think part of it is that where I live in Utah, we’re already at about 4500 feet in elevation. That doesn’t include the mountains, where the fall colors are even more common! So, because of the altitude, colder temperatures and winds come a lot easier and quicker than they do in New England. It’s kind of a bummer, but I guess that’s the life now.

I will say, even if the colors are not as long-lasting as they are out east, there’s a couple other stark differences. There’s not really any place to go to a pumpkin patch, or an apple tree farm. Those things seem to be almost uniquely prevalent in New England. Sure, you can go grab a pumpkin from a farm stand, but it’s already been picked out for you. Kind of a bummer, if you ask me. And apple orchards? I’ve never seen one or heard of one anywhere near me.

So, fall has come and gone, yes. It came with some pretty good ups and downs, though! From a scenic drive on an alpine loop with my girlfriend to gorgeous pictures taken in the canyons with my friends, this fall was a pretty good one to remember. I guess it’s on to turkey day and Christmas with my family soon. And the ever present threat of snow, brought to you by Utah…

Cheers to fall!

~ Justin

Parting shot:

Oh, oh lovely it is…

Next blog: I’ve taken some trips…is it finally time to write them out??

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