Have A Little Faith

‘Cause I shot with Faith. Get it? Have a little Faith? I’ll go now.

But seriously, it was a good shoot. I redeemed myself from all the other night shoots I’ve done on Hertel Ave and I finally got the shots I’ve been dreaming of for a while now. It was a short little shoot and surprisingly wasn’t too cold for a mid-winter Buffalo night. We actually saw a dude around our age walking around shirtless (his shirt was slung over his shoulder). Yeah, Hertel can get a little weird sometimes.

I’ve always been scared to use an external light too extensively at night because it doesn’t offer the natural look to portrait photos. I realized when shooting this that I’ve been using the light the wrong way; I haven’t been lighting the subjects the right way way, and by that, I mean using angles. Light from the front, but evenly. Or light from the side. I played around with it a little bit until I got it just right, and the pictures started popping off.

Hertel has this wonderful theatre called North Park Theatre. The beautiful front of the theatre is lit up brilliantly at night. I’ve tried more than once to capture photos here and have failed every single time. I’m not sure what lead to the failure. In the past, I blamed it on the lens I used, the aperture of my lenses, the frame being “cropped” too much. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Yeah, I just wasn’t as good of a shooter back in November as I am now. It’s incredible seeing that growth even from four months ago.

I remember trying to capture it multiple times in November and giving up each time because I couldn’t frame the shot the way I wanted to. Too much of the sign was getting cut out or too much of the person was out of frame.

Yeah, I was right.

I also didn’t put in the work to get the shot.

This time, I did.

And it was glorious.

And then we went across the street, and yes, these complete the shots I’ve been dreaming of getting since November.

It was just a solid night. I need nights like these. Finding out I can go back and conquer what I wanted to conquer even 4 months ago is a fantastic feeling. It might take time to capture those goals, but I’ve learned putting in the work pays dividends. Sometimes it just takes time.

Or a spark of creativity.

Parting shot:

“You get it, queen!” – some lady in a car.

Next blog: It’ll be a little warm, but maybe not in the way you’re imagining. Think plants? And lots of them? Green? Also, the first of a series? Are you excited yet? Have you followed this blog yet? Go, do it, you’ll love it.

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