Lemme tell you about Kaila. Woo!

Kaila has a never ending supply of energy. It’s actually quite unbelievable. I don’t actually know how she does what she does. But she does it.

These pictures, right above this sentence explain Kaila far better than any words possible could. Shooting with her feels like going on a walk to a new place with a friend and accidentally bringing a camera along for the ride. We honestly mess around far more than we shoot but we somehow manage to get some beautiful shots.

Our friendship is a funny one. We around February or March of 2018 because she was friends with my roommate last year. I thought she was a fun personality and also thought she would be super fun to shoot with, so I asked her and she said yes! We planned the shoot for 4 a.m., for some dumb reason…but I had a plan. I wanted to see how committed to shooting she was, and me, her and my friend Tom all actually woke up at 4 a.m. for the shoot. We realized it was way too early…the sun wasn’t even going to rise for another couple of hours, but, the commitment was there.

That was the only time we shot last semester but I promised to make it up to her. I did, early in the semester with a yet-to-be-seen shoot (I’ll post it eventually…hopefully), and I captured one of the best shots of my career. No, that’s not an overstatement. One of the best shots ever.


Honestly, the best thing about our friendship is how well we click. I’m always put in a better mood every time I set up a shoot with Kaila and she looks forward to it. In a previous shoot, she had told me that she was having a bad day but knew it would get better because she was shooting with me later that day and we always have fun together. That was something that struck me harder than I realized.


As a photographer, I have a unique power to capture moments in time. I’ve done a lot of shoots with people recently who are just getting started in modeling, some having never shot before. Every time Kaila and I shoot, she texts me saying how grateful she is that I do these with her and it blows me away.

We didn’t get another shoot in before the semester ended, but you can bet on seeing her soon in 2019.

Real soon.

Parting shot:

See ya next time. Peace out.

Next blog: The first shoot of 2019.

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