Okie Dokie

Okie dokie! Okie. Kk.

This is Sarah, plain and tall. Nah, just kidding about the plain part. She’s super duper fun. The way we met is kinda entertaining, so I’ll explain how it all came about.

So, I noticed her moving onto my floor perhaps three weeks into the semester at Canisius. Then maybe a month later, give or take a week, we met at 2 am…because some idiot burned popcorn and the fire alarm went off. Both of us were grumpy from being woken up and exchanged brief words before heading back to sleep. Then, when I flew from Boston to Buffalo after Thanksgiving, I saw her at the airport, but didn’t realize it was her at first. I saw her again at the midnight breakfast Canisius puts on during finals week and had to ask.

“Okay, I definitely saw you at Boston Logan, are you from Boston?”

“Nah, Grafton, by Worcester!”

“Oh wow, that’s wild.”

“Yeah, weird!”

“Anyways, bye, have a good one!”

“You too!”

Something like that, at least.

After getting into Boston, we walked around a bit until I found this little clearing by Temple Street, just off of the Boston Common. Now, when you’ve never shot before, it can be a little frightening. I understand that – I’ve stepped in front of the lens and wow, it’s not exactly fun! The lens is big and it’s a nerve-wracking experience; knowing that, I tried to wait for people to disappear so she could act naturally. We eventually jumped in some bushes to shoot, which may have attracted more attention to her…but at least we couldn’t see the stares!

See, Boston is a little treasure trove of cool stuff. I would never have said that a year ago, but it’s true! I could probably pick a block or two and shoot there all day and have zero problems with it, except for all the people in the way. That’s something that I won’t get used to, but perhaps it could work well for film…hmmm. Anyways, we walked around, shot some more, walked around, shot some more…you get the picture. We found a bench (which I’ve been shooting on a lot recently) and wow, I love benches.

We immediately followed it up with a tennis court shoot but stopped just before beginning because Sarah heard a sneeze from a passing girl – and identified it as a girl she used to cheer with. Who knew, apparently people have specific sounds when they sneeze! From there, we headed to Caffe Nero to warm up because it was COLD outside. After staying there slightly too long and enjoying the warmth, we packed everything up and headed to Deer Island for sunset.

We didn’t take any portraits there – just did a timelapse of the setting sun and we talked a bit more and shivered until the sun finally dipped below the horizon. It was a nice way to end the day, minus the constant blowing wind on our faces. We already have plans to take her Jeep up to New Hampshire and find somewhere cool in the White Mountains to shoot. That’ll be a fun one. But here’s the sunset.

Not too shabby.

Parting shot:

Sunset over the bay.

Next blog: We’re recapping the year 2018, with some photos making their debut for the first time. Get ready for a trip down memory lane with a longgg read and lots of pictures – maybe even my top 10 photos! 🙂

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