Have An Ice Day

Thanks to Alyssa, I found ice.

It’s funny how things happen. One of my other friends said that her roommate was in one of my classes, so naturally, being fearless, I asked around. Hence, Alyssa.

After talking for nearly an hour after class about birds, how Netflix is a US invention, and learning what a jumper is, she noted that she was going skating in Brisbane. Naturally, my ears perked up. I’m in!

Isaac and Dana met up with us and we began the drive down, most of which was uneventful. Alyssa got us lost for a hot second but Isaac sniffed it out and we arrived. Now, here’s the problem with renting skates. I’ve played hockey for 12 years. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to skates since I’m used to my own. I tried to find some sort of hockey skate, ANY sort of Bauer or CCM skate. Alas, I ran our of luck. Unfortunately, I had to use plastic monstrosities.

Almost no one was out on the ice with us which was probably a good thing because Isaac and I like going a bit faster. He has been skating for over a year now and it’s remarkable what he can do in just a year’s time.

Now, because we can go fast, naturally we have to play with our slower counterparts. I took Alyssa for a ride that ended with Alyssa falling on top of me and a bruised bottom. Isaac and I skated circles around the girls and snowed Alyssa (my fault). I took Alyssa for a ride around the rink that seemed to last ages.

And the fun continued. Finally, the skate ended and we drove back. I learned that Alyssa is embarrassed to be seen with me in public and that she cannot make up her mind when ordering food. Fries? Or ice cream? Fries. But she wanted ice cream. I told her to get both!

Just imagine: if I’d never taken that step and said hello in class, I wouldn’t have a bruised bottom.

Take a chance and say hello.

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