Bienvenidos a Paraguay!

A short trip to Paraguay? Why not.

We traveled down a long, bumpy dirt road to a small immigration center before taking a ferry across the Paraná River to Paraguay. While there, we visited two Jesuit missions – the ruins of Jesús de Tavarangue wasn’t ever completed! It was set to be the biggest Jesuit site in South America. They had built one small church and were completing another but never finished the roof.

We also visited La Santisima Trinidad de Paraná, or the Most Holy Trinity of Paraná. It featured ruins of a church, a school and several living quarters. It was one of the larger sites I visited on the trip , and certainly one of the more spectacular sites.

However, the river dividing Argentina and Paraguay really captured my attention. Abandoned boats, old rusty boats, and a rowboat were the main focus of my photos. These types of pictures are something that I am not all that used to but am trying to get better at capturing.

To put it simply, it was beautiful.

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