Hiking Mount Bierstadt in the Mount Evans Wilderness, Colorado

One of the best hikes of the year, Mount Bierstadt is pretty imposing, and also a relatively popular hike. I assume it's potentially a little easier without snow, but, a rather large late September storm blew threw and dumped between 6 inches and 18 inches of snow from the base to the summit.

Hiking Notch Mountain in the Holy Cross Wilderness, Colorado

This easily became one of my favorite hikes I did while spending some time in Colorado. I had heard of the Mount of the Holy Cross from one of my favorite skiers, Cody Townsend, who had skied the Holy Cross couloir a couple years back. Since then, I poured over beta on how best to hike this mountain, and also bag my first 14er. When it was all said and done, I never ended up hiking up the Holy Cross. Instead, I opted for Notch Mountain, which lies directly across from the Mount of the Holy Cross, and gives a spectacular vantage point of the mountain.

Spending One Week in the White River National Forest, Colorado

Colorado is ColoRADo! I went to Colorado for a weeklong adventure and was able to hit many trails around the beautiful National Forests from Vail to Loveland and Breckenridge. It was such a fantastic time! The colors were firing all week long, and I even got some snow at the end of my stay. Winter … Continue reading Spending One Week in the White River National Forest, Colorado