Sunrise at Mirror Lake in The High Uintas, Utah | A Journal Entry

Ahh, Mirror Lake! There are dozens and dozens of lakes with this name all across the country and even two lakes named Mirro Lake in Utah. It’s a classic for a reason! This lake is a popular spot for camping, walking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, and collecting wild mushrooms. It’s also the spot of several prominent trailheads in the area! This lake is calm in the mornings; anglers cast their lines in the glassy water, and early risers hike around the lake. The short, 1.5-mile trail takes you around the entire lake. Or, for a different perspective, you can kayak or paddleboard wherever you like!

The short of Mirror Lake.
Bald Mountain looms over the lake!

Mirror Lake is host to one of the many developed campgrounds on the scenic byway and has the most sites out of all the campgrounds. I’ve never camped here since I prefer to disperse camp or backpack, but I’ve driven around the campground and it seems quite nice! It’s a little bit of comfort for those who may want more people around them or a place to throw away their trash. Plus, there’s so much to do just from the campground!

A small breeze ripples the lake water.

I waited by the shoreline for my friends as we were preparing to embark on a backpacking trip in the Uintas. It was a peaceful way to begin the trip, and to prepare for the grueling pain of backpacking!

On to the next adventure!

Parting shot:

A worn-out sign for Mirror Lake.

Next blog: Deeper into the Uintas. A backpacking trip!


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