Sunset View Scenic Overlook, Lake Mead, Nevada

As I drove from my campsite to the hike I was going to do, I saw a sign for an overlook. I thought, “what the heck, I probably won’t take this route on my way back, so, let’s pull over and do it. I think I have time, right?” After all, I’d pulled over on the side of the road just 5 minutes earlier to take some shots of a coyote that had crossed the road just in front of me (so much so that I needed to brake hard to avoid hitting it).

Hide-and-seek time with the coyote. He’s a sneaky little fella!

So, I pulled off into the parking lot where 3 other cars were parked. It looked like there were some walking or hiking trails to other viewpoints, so I took one of them, the shortest, and snapped some shots of the incredible morning light. The sun was just peeking out over the mountains and shedding light onto the lake and any east-facing slope. It really was a sight the behold and one that I won’t forget for a long time!

The first light peeking out over Lake Mead. Incredibly, some boaters were already up and at it!
A little cove on Lake Mead.
Sunrises are so peaceful. I honestly love them so much more than sunsets!

I often like to experiment with my photos, using plants or other shrubberies to block the view, creating some distance and out-of-focus elements when I can. That helps make the photos that much better. Then, other times, I’m in awe when I can capture a photo that needs no enhancement, no creative elements, and no out-of-focus elements. That was this photo below. Take a look!

Perhaps one of the best shots I’ve taken in my life. This is an entry into my “Best of 2022” folder!

There’s something so beautiful about the image. The layers of mountains in the background all have different shades; there are dozens of different orange and yellow colors illuminating the water of the lake; it’s just…so….peaceful.

And I had it all to myself.

Parting shot:

The beautiful sunrise. I hope to capture a lot more of these this summer!

Next blog: More Nevada. Hoover Dam. Capitol Reef. I’ve got a system going. I’m going to write a lot this summer!

4 thoughts on “Sunset View Scenic Overlook, Lake Mead, Nevada

  1. It’s those small, unassuming pull-outs along the drive that really end up being the most-memorable of your trip! Good decision on stopping at that viewpoint for sunset photos– they turned out incredible! The summer’s just started, and I can’t wait to read what other adventures you’ve been up to. 🙂

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    1. It’s really so true. All these national parks and recreation areas have these drives and turn-offs/pull-offs for a reason, and they’re usually really good reasons. This happened to be one of the most spectacular sunrises I’ve witnessed in my life!

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  2. No gatekeeping of the coyote shots… I want to see!

    Very beautiful sunset. I bet you are glad you caught it. Thanks for sharing.Very very very glad that you had a safe trip!


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    1. You’ll have to click on the image and zoom in – here’s in there somewhere playing hide and seek! It was an awesome sunrise. They should really call it Sunrise View instead of Sunset View!


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