Hoover Lake, Shepard Lake, and Fehr Lake in the Uinta Mountains, Utah

The Beta

Hiking to Hoover Lake in the High Uintas Wilderness is a fun time. The trail all the way to Hoover Lake is just about 4.0 miles, featuring around 700 feet of elevation gain and is rated as moderate. This trail features three beautiful lakes, as well as a few small ponds, and beautiful views of the Uinta Mountain Range in the distance. This hike should take you around an hour and a half, including time to stop at one lake to eat, multiple water rest stops, an photos. This trail is good for all skill levels, and is used as an entry-level backpacking trip for first-timers or parents with kids.

Fehr Lake. Your first destination!
The water was crystal clear and completely calm. How cool is this?

The hike

Starting at the Fehr Lake parking lot and trailhead, walk through some meadows before hitting a few bridges, and Fehr Lake in just over 0.3 miles. This is the smallest of the three lakes, but quite picturesque! Grab some photos and continue on your way down to Shepard Lake. You’ll notice yourself going down in elevation. Arrive at Shepard Lake after about 1.4 miles of total hiking.

First sight of Shepard Lake.

You can walk a trail around the entire lake if you’re looking for campsites or take the trail on the left side to continue on to Hoover. You’ll reach Hoover Lake after another 0.4 miles, and the views here are pretty spectacular! Campsites are plentiful around the lake, and you can traverse the entirety of the lake to find some solitude. Remember to pack out what you pack in, regardless of whether or not you’re spending the night! Keep your campsites clean; this is bear country!

Shepard Lake. This lake is pretty beautiful! And big!
One of the prettiest lakes I’ve hiked to in all of the Uintas!

Need to Know

Permits are not needed for day or overnight visits, but these lakes can get quite busy in the summer on weekends. This hike is most definitely an easy day hike, and you’ll still have plenty of time leftover for more hiking, or paddling on a nearby lake. In fact, if you wanted to huff your SUP or kayak to Fehr Lake, you easily could! This hike isn’t terribly crowded, but you will pass people on the trail.

Even though this hike doesn’t feature much elevation gain or loss, it still is difficult at times. Starting at an elevation above 10,400 feet will do that to you! Add 5-8 minutes per mile on your return trip; your miles will be slower due to the high elevation!

Arriving at Hoover Lake. It’s sometimes hard to see the sign!
The views at this lake are quite spectacular. Gotta love Utah!

Justin’s Suggestion

Do this as a day hike. There are plenty of other longer overnight trips you can do in the Uintas. Take a few snacks, your water, and camera and have a blast! This trail should not be overlooked dur to its length. The lakes are stunning if you can get them on a clear day, and the views of the Uinta Mountains to the east are spectacular as well!

Fishing prospects are great at both Shepard and Hoover Lakes. Bring a variety of lures, and wait until just before sunset!

Take A Hike!

Enjoy this hike! The Uintas are a magical place in Utah, and one of my very favorite places to explore and enjoy.

If you liked this blog and are looking for more in the Uintas, check out my page on the High Uintas Wilderness. All the hikes I do will be posted there! If you’re in the area, check out Crystal Lake and Notch Lake! Both of these are great hikes – Notch Lake is a great backpacker beginning hike that’s a bit longer than this trip.

Have a great time out there!

Parting shot:

Walking back in the evening light and through a rainstorm. A rainbow appeared near the end!

Next blog: I’ve got more lakes here, and I might as well touch on them! We’ve also got Nevada, Maine, and more. Hang tight!

16 thoughts on “Hoover Lake, Shepard Lake, and Fehr Lake in the Uinta Mountains, Utah

  1. Wow, this seems great! A few lakes all within a couple miles of each other! You mentioned backpacking this route, but it’s only four miles. Is that common?? Just wondering, it seems very short! Gorgeous photography, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was great! Super pretty and super fun, too. I did see some backpackers on this route, and it surprised me. I asked about their destination, and most said Hoover Lake, which is a 2 mile hike away. It seems like if you wanted a night with more solitude, this is pretty easy, or to takes kids on. I wouldn’t spend time on this since I know I can hike 15 miles in a day and get even deeper in the wilderness!


    1. Oh my gosh, you’ve gotta go here Melanie!! It was absolutely fantastic hiking this trail. For such a short trail, and it’s proximity to Mirror Lake, I was surprised I didn’t see more people on a Friday afternoon. It’s such an amazing trail!! Gotta do it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m headed to the High Uintas soon (which is actually how I found your blog) and all your photos of the area make me so excited to see it! I can’t believe how many lakes there are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Diana, I’m glad you found it!! I’ve been exploring the Uintas a lot more lately, and I have a lot more blogs coming out about all the hikes and activities I’ve done here. Stay tuned, for sure, if only to get yourself even more excited! There’s SO MANY LAKES!! I was there for a Friday-Sunday weekend trip, and I saw probably about 20 lakes in that span!

      Liked by 1 person

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