Zion Canyon: Canyon Overlook Trail Guide

Canyon Overlook Trail

This trail is an easy 1.0 mile round trip trail with 163 ft. of elevation change. It leads to sweeping views of Zion Canyon and may take about 40 minutes to an hour to complete. This trailhead is located near the east entrance just before the Zion Canyon tunnel. Be aware that parking is very limited and you may have to try multiple times! There is also the option to park further up the scenic drive east of the Zion tunnel; you’ll have to walk to the trailhead from your car.

Towering canyon walls lay in front of this pine tree.

This trail features major drop offs but is mostly secured through railings and fences. Along the way are some incredible features including a narrow “cave” and views of a slot canyon. At the end, you’ll look towards Zion Canyon through Pine Creek Canyon.

Major shadows by mid-morning.

This hike is definitely worth doing and is perhaps best done early in the day to beat the crowds on the trail and in the parking lot! That being said, this trail also features a viewpoint looking mostly west, so sunset could be a stunning time to hike this trail. Just be aware of parking and budget more time than you think you need to allocate!

If you’ve got multiple days in Zion, this is definitely one you should try to get to! You won’t regret spending an hour or longer doing this trail. The view and the hike as a whole is definitely worth it. This trail will get crowded from time to time, with some parts of this trail “one-lane” only, so this can add to your hiking time. But, it’s surely a short hike you’ll remember.

Have fun and happy hiking!

Bridge with a serious dropoff.

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