Grand Teton National Park: Taggart and Bradley Lake Hiking Review

Taggart and Bradley Lake Loop

This loop is a roughly 6.0 mile hike and is a moderate level trail; elevation gain is 761 feet, as per You’re met with sweeping views of both Taggart Lake and Bradley Lake in this loop, although both can be done independent of each other. This hike is family friendly for the most part – there are a few parts that could be steep for smaller children, but most kids 8 and above would have a blast! We definitely saw kids younger than this, so it is an easy enough trail.

We chose to do the loop that included both lakes so we could get the best of both worlds, and I highly recommend this option since it creates a loop and you get to see more of the park. Doing one of these lakes, or doing both and coming back the way you came, limits what you see. It’s always best to see as many different views as you can!

Taggart Lake from the trail.
Taggart Lake shoreline.

If you have multiple days, you could easily make a couple days out of this, or, do both of them in the same day if you’re camping in Grand Teton National Park or Yellowstone National Park. Stopping for lunch at either lake is a fine choice, and you’re met with incredible views of the Tetons. We stopped at Taggart Lake and had lunch there for about a half hour before heading back. Several other people did as well, so make sure you pack something to stop and admire!

Taggart Lake Loop

Find the trail for Taggart Lake Loop here!

Taggart Lake overlook.

Bradley Lake Loop

Find the trail for Bradley Lake Loop here!

Bradley Lake.

COVID-19 Update:

As far as COVID-19 goes, many people did wear masks, and many did not. We went the weekend of the first opening of the park on Monday of Memoral Day weekend, so there were not a lot of people. Camping was prohibited at the time, so most of the people there were probably local traffic from Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, although we did see a few cars from across the United States.

That’s all!

If you want to hike this trail, click here to find this loop! AllTrails is a great tool for hiking, biking, and more in National Parks and elsewhere. I would definitely use it – and they made an app! You can get it for iPhone or Android. And, if you want to read more about these trails (and my day in Tetons), read my blog 10 Hours in Grand Teton National Park. There may be photos of bison, who knows.

Thanks for stopping by and happy hiking!

Lunch views for days.

Next blog: We’re taking a break from Tetons. A small one, but a break nonetheless.

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