Two Is Better Than One

I mean, in most cases.

Except two F’s. Or two torn muscles. Or two dropped hot chocolates. Or two lost dogs. Or two smashed cars, two broken chairs, two annoying professors, one really annoying blogger named Justin that’s basically two people…okay fine, two isn’t always batter than one, but it certainly is better when you have two models on a shoot. Meet Jess, and the second-part of a three-part series involving the last blog with Emily (which you should definitely read, I mean, the pictures alone are phenomenal), Jess, and a beautiful little coffee shop.

Jess has fantastic personality traits. She’s a bubbly personality of happiness and confidence, willing to get in front of the camera for some epic shots on the coldest day. Honestly, more power to you if you can get out on these days. Most people I knew were probably happy inside, enjoying the warmth of their home and their fuzzy blanket while curling up by a fire enjoying a nice book. Yeah, not us!

It’s funny how differently bot Emily and Jess dressed for this shoot. Emily emphasized tan, brown and white colors while Jess was more black, white, and blueish colors. Amazingly, both color schemes worked out for the better. I honestly love the blue and white tones captured because winter, especially this day, is cold, and what better colors emphasizes cold! It works.

So here’s where Emily’s advice came in from the last blog (and if you haven’t read it, seriously, go read it now). Relax your lips. Don’t purse them, let gravity form a natural pout. I just can’t get over that advice! I’m still going nuts over it, honestly. If you’ve been with me for a while you’ll know that I’ve taken advice from prior shoots to new shoots. Here’s a small piece that’ll stick with me! I’m surprised it even works!

And now come the big smiles. This is honestly what you get when you tell a girl she’s beautiful. Emily periodically came over and adjusted her hair and I’m sure fluffed her spirits up a little and, well…happiness ensued!

After shooting in front of this building, we headed around back and found a fire! Yay, warmth! Emily and Jess headed inside for a little outfit change and a quick warm-up. I’ve shot at Delaware Park many times and never been inside this little restaurant but it was very homey inside! It reminded me of a mountain home with the retro-looking interior, mirrors on the wall behind the bar, and texture of the logs used lining the walls. Apparently, a couple got engaged, so the place was full of excitement. But back outside for us three.

And yeah, wow, these were some of the best I took of Jess.

Jess was literally shaking because she was so cold so the three of us retreated to Emily’s car and warmed up a bit. Jess and Emily scrolled through the photos while the car heated up and were giddy with excitement. That’s one of my favorite things, honestly, especially on a new shoot. I like hearing the excitement of someone looking at photos of themselves and being happy with them. It’s one of the best parts about being a photographer.

I touched on this last blog but the snow…on the streets…wow, it’s incredible. And, even though this shoot was a few days ago, there’s still snow on the streets! It’s crazy! I almost hope Buffalo doesn’t clear the streets so I can keep shooting!

Know what the best part of all of this is? We’re getting more snow. Mhmm. More snow showers for the rest of the week. And, I’ve got shoots planned for the weekend which means even more snowy goodness for me and for you! I literally cannot wait.

More. Snow.

Parting shot:

Let’s warm up.

Next blog: The epic shot I took with Kaila. You ready?


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