Oh, Drew…

Here’s the thing about Drew.

She’s an absolute riot. My time with her over the summer with her was brief but was it ever fun. See, we do a lot of things together. We’ve been to Malibu over and over again. We get boba together. Late night In N’ Out runs just because. A farmer’s market in Santa Monica because we happened to be there at the right time. Walking through Nordstrom’s only to walk out empty-handed (because, of course). Sunsets on the bluff at LMU. Did I mention the best muffin she’s ever had? Yeah.

See, we get out and do things, like driving only to sit on the 405 listening to Rich Love complaining about traffic, which has become one of our most frequented activities. Another fave is discovering what little parking there is whenever we try to go somewhere. We then discovered if we move the car every 90 minutes, we can have free parking. It’s those little moments that matter to me.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a common home ground. I live in Boston, MA, and go to school in Buffalo, NY while she lives in Reno, NV and goes to school in Los Angeles, CA. I was lucky enough to even meet her over the summer! I told the story of how we met to my dad’s parents and they thought it was the cutest thing ever (no, I won’t tell you yet, reader, sorry). So, here we are, dating across the US.

It’s definitely not easy, but we make it work. I think one of the more important things to have is a really loose schedule. We haven’t made a set schedule of what days we’ll call each other because if we miss that, it stinks. Rather, we’ll catch each other at random times during the day and make a plan to call later that day.

And this works well.

It doesn’t stop me from missing Malibu sunsets with her, but it’s what we’re doing.

And it works.

Parting shot:

Pure elation.

Next blog: We’re back, and boy do I have a lot to catch up on. See you in Buffalo.

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