Buenos Aires

Maintenance is hard work.

It’s been six days since I left Argentina. This latest update was supposed to come on the same day as ‘Sunrise’. But, like I said, maintenance is hard. And for me, it came on the tail end of a long and rigorous trip.

I became so tired by the end and I needed a few days to recharge my batteries. I have a really cool New York City update coming soon (along with a long story, so stay tuned) and one last update from Argentina. There will be more in the next week as I travel to Pennsylvania and then the Outer Banks in North Carolina before heading back to Boston for 56 hours. And then, off to Australia.

I hope that I can stay up to date on these posts. It’s something that I really enjoy doing. I love displaying my photos and getting feedback on my posts (especially when that someone realizes there’s a spelling error…you know who you are :)). I guess the important thing is go keep going.

Always pursue perfection.

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