The Ranches

Argentina is beautiful.

Driving from ranch to ranch made me realize this. Argentina is one of the most stunning countries in the world. Plains lead up to mountains and above them, clear blue sky reigns down. It truly is remarkable. Perhaps even more beautiful is the architecture at the Jesuit ranches.

We visited several ranches over the course of two days and each one was unique. Alta Gracia was built in the middle of a small town – or rather, the town was built around the ranch. Santa Catalina was in a remote area of Córdoba and featured a long dirt road to reach. Jesús María was in a smaller town but was off to the side, rather than in the center.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to film or take photos in some of these ranches, so I captured the outsides of the buildings. Regardless, the buildings were jaw dropping. I have no idea how people were able to build tools and houses of this magnitude 400 or 500 years ago. The architecture is simply amazing.

We ended our stay in Córdoba with a trip to the outdoor markets. I met a man who spoke five languages fluently, mostly knew another five, and knew words, phrases and sentences in another seven. He was simply amazing. He gave me a few rocks to give to the two people who were with me, telling me this:

This is for your friend; she creates and maintains energy. This is for your other friend: it means strong and intelligent.

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