Oh, Santa Monica

If you follow my Instagram even remotely, you know how much I love Santa Monica. It’s really a fantastic place, highlighted by perhaps the pier. But it’s a lot more than that.

I’ve been here countless times already, as it’s an easy bike ride away and I couldn’t be happier when I’m there. I was given the opportunity to shoot with Chris Collins, an actor and alumnus from the college I go to, and Ella Poletti, who released her first single ‘What To Do’ on Spotify recently. It was my first portrait shoot since getting out to LA and it was phenomenal to get back into the swing of it all.

Whatchu looking at.
Hair whip.

It’s funny getting back into the swing of old routines. like this – I seem to always pick up right where I left off. It also helps to have super photogenic models and someone who knows where the cool spots in Santa Monica are. First location was the top of a parking garage. The lighting was hard but I’ve been going for a more faded look with my recent images, so it worked out perfectly.

“Can I use the railing?”

Chris found this absolutely perfect tree to shoot under and I think I’m just gonna let these images stand for themselves. I was so happy with the find.

Never this serious.
Perhaps my fave shot.
What To Do.

From there we stumbled upon a sort of patio area at a church (my find) and shot there for a bit. I pulled out my 24mm lens and managed some pretty great wide angle shots. The lighting was also pretty darn good here – it was perfectly bouncing, creating its own soft lighting.

1 take.
Werk it.

That’s about it. Chris took us Cava which might have the best salads ever. Yeah, sounds weird but it’s an LA thing to do. Unbelievable. Ten out of ten recommend to a friend if you’re ever in Santa Monica.

Cava. Better than Chipotle.

Parting shot:

Total candid.

Next blog: Hikes, sunsets and America…in a familiar place.

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