Cornstalks + Pumpkins x The Muggery

So, my lovely friend Hannah asked me if I would shoot some product shots with her. Absolutely! I've done a couple product shoots in my time and I honestly love them. They're a bit different than the normal portrait shoots I do, and they allow for a lot of creativity, something I really love doing. … Continue reading Cornstalks + Pumpkins x The Muggery

Exploring Millcreek Canyon

I love get in and get out adventures! Driving through the different canyons in Utah is honestly so much fun. It can be unbelievably breathtaking at times! You're able to find so many different photo locations and I think that's one of the reasons driving through them is so fun. I'd been in this canyon … Continue reading Exploring Millcreek Canyon

9 Tips on Portrait Photography Locations & Outfits

The two of these go hand-in-hand, sometimes quite literally. Portraying a mood in a photo is essential in creating a powerful image. I always recommend to bring a few different outfits for a particular shoot. This helps for two reasons. One, it gives me and the model more variety, allowing us to portray several different … Continue reading 9 Tips on Portrait Photography Locations & Outfits