A New Direction

I’m stepping out of my usual comfort zone.

For the next five months or so, my posts are going to be drastically different. Portraits will not be the main focus. Travel is in my schedule. A whole lot of it.

On Monday, I’m headed to Cordoba, Argentina. I’ll be there for two weeks, capturing massive amounts of film and pictures in order to produce a documentary for my school’s video institute. The film is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2018. I’ll be back in Boston for a week before heading to Pennsylvania for a few days and then down to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for a week. Then, I’m back in Boston for three days before hopping on another plane to Brisbane, Australia, where I’ll be studying abroad for four and a half months. I’ll head down to Sydney for a week sometime and travel to New Zealand for another week. Yeah, it’s going to be busy.

That being said, I got a fresh start with a fantastic friend. Zoey happened to be in town for a cousin’s graduation and we made a short trip to Newburyport. I love the atmosphere here. It’s a quaint little beach down in Massachusetts that captures people’s hearts. A stark difference from the rest of Massachusetts, everyone here is friendly, ready to start a conversation. We stopped in a store that just celebrated its one year anniversary this past Memorial Day weekend. The store has a sister store run by the owner’s sister…coincidence? Well, yes, actually. This sister moved out in order to bring a little bit of California to New England; what better place to bring it to than Newburyport? She broadened her sister’s company, just like I’m doing with my photography…so…

Broaden your horizon…sometimes quite literally!

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