Miss Buffalo 2017

Thrown into the spotlight. Literally.

Miss Buffalo 2017, AKA Emmalee Stawicki, is a wonderful person. She is very personable, and loves what she does, which translates into a positive force in her work ethic. Emmalee is a dual major in accounting and accounting information systems and is currently finishing up he senior year at Canisius College. Furthermore, she is planning on staying an extra year to pursue her MBA in accounting. She has been a Resident Assistant since her sophomore year and will continue that trend in her fifth and final year. AND now she’s Miss Buffalo 2017. What a life!

It’s not too often that I will get the opportunity to shoot with someone of such prominence. After being first runner up to Miss Buffalo in 2016, Emmalee was crowned Miss Buffalo 2017 a few weeks ago. She now begins her prep for Miss New York – she is going to her first workshop this weekend in Staten Island to prepare. And she’s balancing being a full time student, graduating in May, and then starting a one year MBA program. All while being a 22-year-old Buffalonian. Pretty impressive, huh? This brings us to our little lesson:

Balance is key. But don’t tip the scale too far.

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