Climbin’ Trees N’ Stopping Traffic

The first spring shoot of 2017 was a success.

Cindy and I went out to a spot on the side of the road that I had seen coming back from my Ellicott Creek Park shoot. The grass was still mostly dead but signs of spring were evident in the snake that Cindy stumbled upon. Later, we moved to a wooded area and found a small flower pasture. We took time setting up a unique shot and then I realized that I didn’t have the right lens for the shot. Eight minutes of set-up gone out the window!

Cindy hopped up into a tree and we took some great shots there – she’s a goofball, I discovered, and is always up for a good time. She can’t stay serious for more than a few seconds! We took some cliché pics along an old truck route and then moved to a traffic circle. Cars passed us in amusement, slowing down to see what the fuss is all about. While we were walking over there, Cindy expressed some concerns about shooting in the middle of traffic, so I let her in on my secret:

Don’t care about what other people think. Just get your shot and get out.

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