Downtown Buffalo

This was the coldest shoot I’ve ever done.

The temperature was about 21 degrees but wind-chill made it feel like 12. My hands were red and I could barely feel the tips of my fingers. We took turns sharing Mallory’s giant scarf for warmth. We made a pit stop at Spot Coffee to warm up for a good half hour.  Needless to say, we were freezing by the end of it. But the results were worth it (for me at least).

Mallory was terrific. Layers on layers on layers made it appear as if there were multiple shoots. That’s something that I really push for. I like seeing multiple layers; I like being able to shed layers and capture something a little different each time, and go to multiple locations. Here, we first shot outside of Shea’s Theatre, then inside Spot Coffee, then outside again on the street, and then finally in the subway tunnel (I hopped down onto the tracks to get the shot…sorry Mom…). All of this was in the two blocks of shooting (aside from the subway tunnel). The takeaway?

Make the most of your location.

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